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Notes From Kurdistan

Number of KDP, PUK, PKK, Turkish and other forces in Iraqi Kurdistan

Abdulla HawezAbdulla Hawez

The number of troops affiliated with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces has exceeded 150,000 members, many of them recruited in the aftermath of the ISIS war nearly three years ago, according to several Peshmerga sources who have spoken to Kurdish Rudaw website.

Overall number of forces in the Kurdistan Region, minus the police and Asayish (security) that belong to the two ruling Kurdish parties Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), is over 250,000 – majority of them are loyal to political parties.

Name, number and political affiliation of the forces in the Kurdistan Region is as following:

Forces within the command of the Peshmarga ministry:

14 united brigades (mixed political party affiliations): 42,000 fighters

Êzîdxan Protection Force, led by Haydar Shesho: 4000 fighters

Jazira brigades (Arabs from Rabi’a and Zummar): 2000 fighters

Shingal commandment led by Qasem Shesho (Yazidis): 10,000 fighters

Forces loyal to Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP):

80 Force units, technically part of Peshmarga ministry: 58,000 fighters

Zeravani paramilitary, technically under ministry of interior of KRG: 51,000 fighters

Rojava Peshmarga (military wing of Syrian Kurdish KNC), part of Zeravani paramilitary: 8,000 fighters

Anti-terror force, part of the Kurdistan Security Council

KDP Asayish (security) force

Forces loyal to Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK):

70 Force units, technically part of Peshmarga ministry: 56,000 fighters

Defense emergency force, technically under ministry of interior of KRG: 10,000 fighters

The Black Force (a well-equipped special force), technically under ministry of interior of KRG

Anti-terror force

PUK Asayish (security) force

Forces loyal to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK):

Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ): 1,500 fighters

Êzîdxan Women’s Units (YJÊ)

People’s Defence Forces (HPG): 5000 fighters

A new anti-terror force that belongs to Freedom and Democratic Party of Yazidis (PKK’s Yazidi political wing)

Other forces:

Turkish military (there are 18 overt and covert Turkish bases and intelligence offices in Duhok and Erbil): 22,00 soldiers (including 1200 soldiers in Bashiq, 500 soldiers in Bamarni and 500 commandos in Kani Masi)

Iranian Kurdish parties: 3000 fighters

Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party: 3000 fighters


Source: Rudaw



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