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Ranking of Kurdistan’s universities based on web content

Notes From KurdistanNotes From Kurdistan

According to a new ranking published by Webometrics, Hewler Medical Univeristy is topping the Kurdistan region universities in terms of web content. Webometrics’ ranking system is only based on the volume and quality of the contents each university publishes on the Web therefore it is not accurate to use the ranking to evaluate the academic strength of the universities in Kurdistan or elsewhere. The ranking of Kurdistan universities is part of university ranking of Iraq, but we have picked Kurdistan’s universities accordingly. The Webometrics’ ranking of Kurdistan universities based on their content in the web is as following:


  1. – Hewler Medical University
  2. – University of Duhok
  3. – Soran University
  4. – American University of Iraq – Sulaimani
  5. – Koya University
  6. – University of Kurdistan Hewlêr
  7. – University of Sulaimani
  8. – University of Kirkuk
  9. – Salahaddin University
  10. – University of Human Development
  11. – University of Newroz
  12. – University of Zakho
  13. – Hayat Private University
  14. – Lebanese French University
  15. – Raparin University
  16. – Cihan University
  17. – Ishik University
  18. – Sulaimani Polytechnic University
  19. – American University Duhok Kurdistan



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