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Video: Kurdish MPs brawl in parliament over president term

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Amid increasingly heated debate over whether the tenure of Kurdistan president should be extended, two Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) MPs attacked the outspoken MP, Ali Hama Salih from Gorran movement for change who got the highest number of votes in the last regional election in 2013.

Mr. Hama Salih has been lately working on revealing a series of corruption cases including some linked to high officials. He is also one of the few who voiced his opposition to extend the term of Masoud Barzani who is in term since the first day the post established in 2005. Mr. Barzani’s term ended in 2013, but the ruling KDP and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) extended his term for two years. Then Gorran movement fiercely opposed the extension and used it as part of the election campaign that helped the party become second biggest party in Kurdistan ahead of PUK that had been sharing power with KDP since 1991.

Although the KDP MPs used president debate as the cover to attach the Gorran MP, but it is still unclear whether the attack related to this topic or to the corruption cases that Mr. Hama Salih has been revealing lately.


Watch the video of the KDP MPs punch the Gorran MP:


Here the Gorran MP talks to media after being punched (with English subtitle):



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